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Girls Volleyball


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Girls Volleyball



Welcome to the Tiger Volleyball page! On this page you will find recent news and updates on the Lady Tigers Volleyball team. Every game will have a report and team/individual pictures will be posted in a gallery at the bottom of the page. 

Volleyball is a very fast paced sport. It is an indoors sport with six players on the court at a time. The goal is to get the ball on the other side of the net while making sure the ball doesn't hit the floor on your teams side. In most cases, one team will win the point by hitting the ball onto the other team's side of the court inside the out of bounds lines. Sets go point by point until one team gets twenty-five points, meaning they won the set. The first team to win three sets out of five win the match.

"Offense sells tickets. Defense wins games" -John Davis

Head Coach: John Davis 

Assistant Coach: Alyssa Hansen