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Boys Soccer


Meet Wilson High Schools (2023-2024) Varsity Boys Soccer team! This team is led by head coach, Timothy Fritzwater, and head assistant coaches,---. This year's team includes 16 players: Owen Covington, Desmond Williams, Taylor Brand, Carlos Ruiz Villela, Jonathan Richardson, Joseph Hall, Alexander Barret, Samuel Floyd, Dylan Horne, Fletcher Townsend, Benjamin Thomas, Grady Chapam, Joshua Faircloth, Sergio Salas Martinez, Shallen Patel, and Jaylen Cockfield.  On this page you will find the latest news about your Wilson Tiger Boys Soccer team. 

A Challenge And Determination

On Wednesday, March 20th, the Tigers faced off against Myrtle Beach in a challenging match;  ultimately losing 0-7. Starting the season off with a few injuries, the team was forced to pull up players from the JV level to compete. In the first half, the Tigers displayed commendable performance, limiting Myrtle Beach to just two points. The team demonstrated effective ball distribution, maintained width on the field, and executed aggressive attacks. However, as the game progressed into the second half, fatigue began to set in, allowing Myrtle Beach to capitalize on their aggression and score more goals...


Meet Timothy Fitzwater

The Head coach of the Wilson Tigers Boys Soccer team is Timothy Fitzwater. He is from Moundsville, West Virginia and he attended  West Liberty State College where he got his bachelor's degree in social science education. Fitzwater continued his education at Arkansas State University, obtaining a masters...