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Boys Tennis


Meet Wilson High Schools (2023-2024) Varsity Boys Tennis team! This team is led by head coach,---, and head assistant coaches,---. This year's team includes 7 players: Aaron Cheng, Mar'Quan Martin, Guangzhou Li, Tristen Howard, Leo Sarmiento, Esteban Gruz-Fatuly, Albert Schirippa.  On this page you will find the latest news about your Wilson Tiger Boys Tennis team. 

Wilson Faces The Champion Myrtle Beach

Wilson’s Boys Tennis went up against Myrtle Beach yesterday.  Sadly, as a team, Wilson lost the game. They were able to win a partial set, but were unable to win the full thing. In other words, nobody on the team won a whole game. However, Myrtle Beach is a known state champion and currently remains undefeated.


An Eyeopening Defeat

On Wednesday, March 20th, the Wilson Boys Tennis team played against Myrtle Beach. Wilson did not win unfortunately, losing 6-0. Aaron Cheng was the player that had the best game for Wilson. He had the longest lasting match and put up some good scores...