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Lauren Sehnke

     Hi, my name is Lauren Sehnke. I was born in Hartsville, SC, but I have lived in Florence since I was young. I am a sophomore at Wilson High School. Sports are the center-piece of my life. I play  varsity softball and varsity volleyball for Wilson.  In softball, here at Wilson, I am the ace pitcher; however, during travel ball, I am the starting catcher. Last volleyball season, I had a late start to the games due to a foot injury. I came back in time to play the last 10 games as the varsity libero. This year I hope to pursue the same positions. I have dreams to play softball at a division one college while studying psychology. 

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What Am I Most Thankful For?

     This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for every person who's walked into my life, every event that has occurred, and every feeling and emotion I've experienced. I wouldn't be the person I am today without my life panning out in the way it did. 
    No matter how short or long lived, I'm grateful for all people that are or have been in my life. My family, to start, have supported me in all major decisions of my life and continue to. My sister will forever be my biggest fan and my idol. Friends come and go, but every ¨failed¨ friendship has helped me grow as a person. My coaches and teammates, current or past,  inspire me daily to become the best version of myself. All members of the faculty and staff at Wilson have shown me how incredible it feels to be welcomed into the University. Thank you all. 
    Major events in my life have shaped my personality and my future actions, which I am incredibly grateful for. In sports, every game, scrimmage, and practice have better me as an athlete and my self-awareness. Since sports require such mental toughness, I have developed a strong mentality towards all challenges, thanks to softball and volleyball. 
    Life is messy and very chaotic when it comes to emotions, but flowers require rain to grow, just like me. I believe that without the ¨bad¨ in life, there would be no ¨good¨. I am thankful for the negative emotions I have experienced so that the positive ones shine.