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Leah Spears

 About Me

My name Is Leah Spears, and I am 16 years old.  I am from Florence, South Carolina. As of right   now, I am currently in the 10th grade.  I have three brothers, and not any sisters. My hobbies are to   play basketball, run track go shopping, to travel, and to cook. Out of these four hobbies, playing   basketball is my top one. I currently play on Wilson's Varsity girls basketball team, as the guard positions & this is my second year of doing so. The track team & cross country team is also something   that I am a part of, here at Wilson.  After my completion of high school, I plan to   attend a University and major in Biology. My ultimate goal is to enroll in either medical school, or    dental school.

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On today's blog, I would like to talk about a particular person , who just so happens to be my big brother, by 18 months. Little does he know, I admire him a lot. My brother is always there right when I need him, just like a big brother should be. Rather it’s picking me up everyday after practice, taking me places where I want or need to go , or just talking bout things about life in general , my brother has always been there.

 One thing that I have never seen my brother do is lose hope in certain situations. As an example, there was a time not too long ago when his previous school staff treated him unfair, but that never stopped him from being who he was. Yes, it may have ruined his self confidence a little, but it only brought out the best in him. Despite of this situation, my brother kept a smile on his face; which has showed me the perseverance in him. 

My brother is the type of brother that everyone needs. Someone you can tell everything to, or just turn to for a laugh. When it comes to basketball, #12 & #13 jersey numbers, the best duo out there!!