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Rashawn Woodberry

About me 

My name is Rashawn Woodberry i attend Wilson High School. This is my freshman year at Wilson High School look forward to playing basketball this season for the boys basketball team.Going into my freshman year i really look forward into really making a name for myself being that is will be my comeback year returning to spots coming off an ACL injury.

Is there to much emphasis put on winning in sports?

Everyone wants to win no matter what they are winning because it just feels good to win.But a lot comes with winning for everything the is a pro to it has a con.And once you get a name for winning when you lose everyone who was on your side is going to start feeling another type of way about you.To end if i think winning is good and i see why everybody wants to do it but be careful not to let another person want to win for you you have to want to win for yourself.

Pros and cons of being a student athlete.

There is ups and downs when it comes to being a athlete.You have to really be dedicated to your sport,On top of that, being a student on top that is very hard having to manage your time for classes, homework, and having practices etc.Time is very important when it comes to being a student athlete because your never not doing anything whatever the case maybe you are going to be busy

Female athletes have it more difficult then men..

I agree females do have it more difficult then male athletes but only when it comes to certain things having to deal with sports.Some people expect more from men in sports because the work ethics are the same but different in many ways.But women have it harder when its more then just the sports in the conversation, women don't get payed as much and women don't get as much recognition as men do.

 A place that has a very special meaning 

A place that really has a special meaning to me is the gym every chance i get i'm trying to get in the gym.Going to the gym more and more has made me so much better and has really helped me out mentally and physically.It really means a lot to me because whenever somethings not going right or i'm just not feeling it i can just go to the gym and relive myself.

My Influence.

My biggest influence i wouldn't really say is a person but what really influences me to keep going is that i feel as if i was always put second.Everything in life just feels like i never got to that spot where i'm at the top and that just put that mindset in my head to keep pushing.If you cant influence yourself to be better you'll never know how bad you really want to get to where you want to be in life.One of my close coaches also told me "An off day for you is day for someone else to get better" i remind myself everyday of that quote so i know that every little piece of work counts.

Passion & Purpose 

When i think about passion i think about something you are dedicated to or something that you are giving your all to.How bad are you willing to give to something you really love.

Basketball is really my number one on priorities.Opines that teamwork is one of the biggest advocates to being a great team and for it to work, They must work hard. Explains that a basketball team is made of many different parts but it all comes to down to commitment and how bad you really want it.Basketball is really a escape from when i'm feeling down or just need some time to self.

Sports media

Sports media can help with self confidence sharing post of athletes can spread the word about them.Sports media is like a big ticket being giving for a student athlete to pursue there dream because there getting more exposure.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, What are you most thankful for? why?

I'm most thankful for my family .They're always there for me, supporting and loving me unconditionally.Weather it's celebrating the good times or helping me through the tough ones,I know i can always count on them.My family has really been there to push me whenever I felt like I wasn't giving my all or felt like I wanted to give up, this is why I'm most thankful for my family.