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Talia Emmen


About Me!!!

My name is Talia Emmen. I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina. I am currently a senior at Wilson High School. I am taking multiple college classes through Francis Marion as well as a few classes at Wilson. I play varsity volleyball as an outside hitter and have since 8th grade. I also play travel ball in Conway for GSJ. I am verbally committed to play at Shaw University in the fall of 2024. Outside of volleyball I work at sonic. I'm always either working, playing volleyball, or at school. 

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I'm Thankful For...

When I think of thanksgiving I start to picture some turkey and macaroni and cheese on a plate . I am definitely hungry just imagining it but I have to remind myself this holiday is more than the food. I am extremely thankful for many things in my life. However the main thing is my parents. This might sound like a basic response or the same as everyone else, so let me explain. I’ve always had a very close relationship with both of my parents. I tell them everything and when I am having any problems or need help with anything, they are very supportive. The main thing they’ve been there for has been volleyball because it has required the most time, money, and mental support. Since I started playing in the 7th grade they have only missed one school game of mine which didn’t happen until this year. They have been to every single tournament and watched every game. When I have rough games they still show love and support without bringing me down. If it wasn’t for them pushing me over the last 6 years and doing their part in my life by supporting me in volleyball, I wouldn’t have the opportunity that I have right now to play volleyball at Shaw University on a full ride. Even though I got myself this opportunity because I did all of the physical and mental work, if it wasn’t for them keeping me in it I wouldn’t have received this opportunity. I am really just thankful for the time they’ve put in and how much they’ve believed in me in reaching my goals.