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Tristan Thompson

About ME

My name is Tristan Thompson and I'm from Florence,South Carolina. I go to Wilson High School. I am a junior. I am 16 years old. I am 6'5. I play basketball for Wilson High school. I wear number 1. I love playing video games and watching movies on my free time. I work hard in school and on the court that's what I love to do. I'm a cool person to be around. I'm very chill and funny!


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"In the spirit of Thanksgiving, What are you most thankful for? why?" 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I'm most thankful for my family . I'm most thankful for the sacrifices they make for me to get where I am now. My parents take the time out of their busy schedule to come to my workouts/games,etc. I'm very thankful for everybody in my family for coming to the games whenever they have the chance to come and support me. I'm also thankful for my coaches for fussing at me whenever I make mistakes on the court. That helps me learn and grow as a better player.